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ALWAYS bring the original documents.

Press release💡

Due to changes in the administration, all requests will be processed at the consular department - passport section.
For any information or request concerning passports, please contact by EMAIL ONLY at:

Thank you for your understanding.
September 1, 2022


Passeport, contacts en cas d'urgence, Mariage, Naissance

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The Consular Service Center does not offer express or “urgent” service for passport applications. This is why it is strongly recommended that all applicants take steps in advance.


Your Embassy reserves the right to remind everyone that citizens must carry out their own procedures, so it is not recommended to go through an "intermediate" service. As a result, the Embassy reserves all responsibility for those who use this type of service.

Remark :

Children are excluded from their parents' passport, so they need their own passport.

Procedure and supporting documents


Requested documents are as follows:

For adults (over 18):

   1. Original and 1 color copie of the old passport

   2. Consular card (renewal)

   3. Original and 1 color copie of the Japanese residence card

   4. 2 passport size photos (3.5x4.5)

   5. Total amount: 25,000 yen (consular card + passport)

***Subject to change***

For minors (- 17 years old):

  1. Original and 1 color copie of the old passport (if applicable)

  2. 1 color copy of the passports of both parents

  3. Birth certificate + translation (English or French)

  4. Original and 1 color copie of the Japanese residence card

  5. 2 passport size photos (3.5x4.5)

  6. Total amount: 25,000 yen (legalization birth certificate + passport)

  7. Parental authorization (or legal guardian)

***Subject to change***




The fee for issuing a passport is fixed at: 25,000 YEN

Time limit


The waiting period for the issue of the passport: more or less 1 month after the date of enlistment.



Please dowload here fichier.

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